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I’ve been away for quite a while, even literally away to the Netherlands, where I worked at the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab at Radboud University.  But I’m back! As you’ve probably already heard, Gaming disorder is now the first official diagnosis related to excessive video game play. I don’t think it makes much sense from a scientific perspective, but I’m hoping it will lead to what its proponents have been calling for: more help for people who actually need it/more research money to study gaming-related problems. I hope it will lead to a lot of parental fear and a waste of clinicians’ and gamers’ time.

I will work hard to keep the blog up to date but in the meantime (and perhaps most importantly for new visitors):

You can access all of my research from the Research and Publications link at the top. This contains free downloads for all of my papers.

Feel free to message me here if you have specific questions!

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