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A few new papers coming out

Just a quick post today to say keep an eye out here for new articles. I’ve been working with Alain Labrique, Antonius van Rooij, Daniel Kardefelt-Winther, and many more collaborators over the last few months/years, and suddenly a few pieces are coming out all at once.

I just posted a preprint of the article Daniel Kardefelt-Winther and I wrote for the European Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; this published version will likely be available later this week (and I promise to post a copy that is downloadable!). Here’s the blurb that will appear on the EJCAP site:

A large epidemiological study of adolescents across Europe shows that using scales to measure disorder in population studies might lead to mistakes in classifying over 30% of respondents.  The article used latent class analysis to group adolescents by symptom patterns and found that over 7% of respondents who reported some symptoms but few problems would be classified as “at-risk” for IGD, while another 23.6% who reported some problems but few symptoms would not be classified as in need of help.  The study recommends a reformulation of criteria for IGD.

I’m particularly excited about that one because (1) I love latent class analysis and (2)  we used  andOpen Science  technique–preregistering hypotheses–to make our research more transparent. You can find this registration at https://osf.io/um6c7/register/565fb3678c5e4a66b5582f67. I hope other researchers will follow suit–this is an important step in ensuring that what we study matches what we intended to study, and that we report all outcomes related to our research (not mentioning any names, although they are mentioned in another upcoming paper led by AJvR.) Stay tuned!